Partners for a participatory approach

FINDING EUROPE is a joint project by Studio Kalliope and the, is being carried out on behalf of the Goethe Institute and is open to other partners who help to expand the scope of the project.

FINDING EUROPE will lead to a documentary for the cinema. However, secondary works for TV and the web are also aimed for.

Filming began in Greece in July 2020. At least five other EU member states are to follow. It would be desirable to include other countries and also those states that have either left the EU (GB) or are still striving to join it (e.g. Serbia or Albania).

Studio Kalliope (production) was founded in 2015 by Maria Kling and Marc-Uwe Kling and has been working for the RBB (Bühne 36) and the GIZ (Pacific Voice in Unison) and produced the documentaries “Por los Camiones del Sur” and “One Word”.

The (executive production) are a group of filmmakers who have been developing participatory documentaries for the cinema since 2012. After “Sachamanta” and “No Rest. No Haste.” they realized the documentary “One Word” together with Studio Kalliope on the impacts of climate change on the Republic of the Marshall Islands and its people. (German Release: November 5, 2020).

Participatory documentary work is the strong involvement of cinematic laypeople in the production and post-production of a documentary film. The purpose of this approach is the dissolution of traditional role relationships and the creation of increased authenticity and credibility.